Enhancing Tanglewood’s Horticultural Legacy and Treasures

For many of the 350,000 annual guests who enter the gates at Tanglewood, the rolling expanse of nature’s beauty that greets them is just as integral to the Tanglewood experience as the beautiful music they are there to hear. Whether a pre-concert family picnic on the Lawn, a vista of the Stockbridge Bowl from a favorite vantage point, or concert under a beloved tree, the Tanglewood grounds provide a distinct backdrop to experience the Berkshires at its best. Though Tanglewood’s natural beauty is evident, there is far more nurture than nature to keeping Tanglewood’s grounds lush and verdant.

Leading landscape architectural firm Reed Hilderbrand is developing a new horticulture plan for Tanglewood’s trademark grounds as a road map for revitalizing landscape elements and defining of uniform strategies to guide future work and efforts to document, maintain, preserve, and enhance Tanglewood’s natural beauty.

As part of this comprehensive Tanglewood landscape framework plan, the Boston Symphony Orchestra completed restorations of the Whispering Bench in Tanglewood’s Formal Gardens, along with updates to its surrounding landscape, in July 2018 to renew this area to its former glory for the benefit of all Tanglewood visitors. The bench was cleaned, repaired, and restored to ensure its long-term stability. Meanwhile, the overgrown hedges were replaced with new plantings and discreet feature lighting was installed, ensuring prominent views of the Whispering Bench and Berkshire Hills beyond.

Fast Facts

  • Tanglewood encompasses 526 acres and more than 100 structures
  • The campus is open year-round as a park for visitors
  • Framework planning and projects designed by landscape architects Reed Hilderbrand
  • Several projects already completed or currently in progress, including restoration of iconic Whispering Bench and surrounding landscape in Formal Garden

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