Endowment for Programs and Facilities
For years, Tanglewood has been a destination—for top musicians, for eager audiences, for performers in training, and for friends and families alike. So many landmark moments in musical history have occurred on campus, and so many generations of listeners have experienced them in an unparalleled environment.

The many physical improvements and programmatic innovations supported by Tanglewood Forever donors will expand Tanglewood’s unique position among leading music festivals now and in the future. To ensure that the BSO can continue to capitalize on Tanglewood’s unique elements through ongoing infrastructure and programmatic initiatives, Tanglewood Forever endowment donors will allow the BSO to continue its investment in creating new cultural and intellectual pursuits through music and education for its community of Fellows, alumni, faculty, artistic partners, and patrons forever.

To safeguard Tanglewood’s unique position among leading music festivals, Tanglewood Forever endowment donors will help bolster Tanglewood’s future as a home for music, education, and community by robustly supporting future capital and programming initiatives.

Fast Facts

  • Endowment donors help ensure the long-term strength of Tanglewood
  • Tanglewood Forever endowment funding will support ongoing upkeep of new and existing structures and Tanglewood’s many artistic and educational programs
  • Endowment gifts are self-sustaining, supporting Tanglewood and its programs in perpetuity

Donate Today

You can help the BSO ensure that Tanglewood remains vibrant and unique among summer festivals by supporting Tanglewood Forever. Donate online now, or contact the BSO Development Office at 617-638-9267 or friendsoftanglewood@bso.org for more information.