The Linde Center for Music and Learning

The Tanglewood Music Center (TMC) is unique – there is no other academy for advanced musical study in the world that is run by, and an essential part of the mission of, a major symphony orchestra. However, as the program has grown and evolved over generations, it has expanded beyond the scope of its facilities. Meanwhile, though the TMC drives most of musical activities on campus, visitors have not had the chance to experience this music-making.

To alleviate this long-standing space issue, the new Linde Center for Music and Learning will provide an additional 6,000 square feet of space for the TMC to practice and perform. The new facility will feature four multi-use buildings, each one designed as convertible spaces that can accommodate the various changing needs of the TMC and future learning initiatives. All performance spaces will also accommodate in-person observation spaces and built-in technology that will enable the TMC to record and share its contents with the world. Finally, the social center of the new buildings will be a café space that will promote community connections and interactions between TMC fellows and Tanglewood visitors.

Now under construction and scheduled to open in summer 2019, the Linde Center for Music and Learning will also host the new Tanglewood Learning Institute (TLI), which is also set to open in 2019. Designed by William Rawn Associates, the architects of Seiji Ozawa Hall, this new building complex will provide optimal conditions for the activities of the TMC and TLI, and will also be available to the Berkshire community for use throughout the year.

Fast Facts

  • 6,000 new square feet of performance and rehearsal space
  • A new cafe for TMC, TLI, and Tanglewood visitors
  • Climate controlled for year-round use
  • Powered by solar energy
  • Planned LEED Gold Certification
  • Available to Berkshires community
  • Designed by William Rawn Associates, architect of Ozawa Hall
  • Opens 2019 – coinciding with TLI launch and 25th anniversary of Ozawa Hall

Tour the Linde Center for Music and Learning as construction progresses:

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